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Frequently Asked Questions


 What payment methods do you accept ?
 We accept Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Bank Wire Transfer. We don't charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.
 For bank wire transfer instructions, please contact us using the contact us section, minimum wire transfer amount is $5,000.  Your account will be credited as soon as we receive the payment.


How do I get started?
In order to start investing with us you need to take the following steps:

Step1. Open an e-currency account either with Perfect Money or Bitcoin.
To open a Bitcoin account go to:
To open a Perfect Money account go to:
Step2. Fund your account.
Deposits and withdrawals must be made using exchange service providers. These exchangers offer a variety of options including, but not limited to, Cash, Western Union, PayPal, International Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, Bank Transfer, E-Currency Conversion, and much more!.
Please check the Perfect Money exchange service providers list.
There are various methods available for buying Bitcoin. Please check Bitcoin Exchangers for a list of exchangers.
Step3. Choose Vip Investment package  by going to the Investment Services page and following the screen directions.
Step4. Receive profit payments You will receive daily profits directly into your e-currency account. If you make your deposit on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday you'll receive your first payment on Monday; otherwise you'll receive your first payment on the following business day.
Step5. You can convert the funds in your e-currency account into cash through the services provided by exchangers mentioned in Step2.


What is Perfect Money and how can I use it ?
Reserve is a digital currency. You can send or receive money
to or from anyone in the world. It is a popular e-currency. It is widely acceptable and used by millions of people worldwide.  For more information  For more information please visit the Perfect Money website.

How can I make a deposit?
To make a deposit you need to go to the invest page and make a deposit into our Perfect Money account.

Where I can find Perfect Money exchangers?

Please visit official exchangers list :


Is compounding feature available on Investing Plans?
Yes. Compounding is available on all investing plans we offer.

Are there any administrative fees?
There are NO administrative or hidden fees, including taxes on investment or anything else.

Where do you pay my profits ?
Your profits will be paid directly into the Perfect Money account you invested from. Our programmers have created an automated system so no payouts can be missed.

Are there any deposit and withdrawal fees I should know about?
There are no hidden fees as all of them are absorbed by factoring in company's profits distribution model.

Can I create multiple deposits?
Yes, our service is structured with traditional "savings account" feature in mind, where users may wish to make additional investments on the regular basis, per their investment needs.

How soon after initial investment will profits begin being posted on my account?
Profits posted on user accounts on the current day are always dependent on trading activity for the previous working day and marked accordingly. Example: User who deposited for the first time on Monday, will see his/her first earnings posted on the account on Wednesday and such earnings will be marked with Tuesday's date.

Is compounding feature available on Investing Plans?
Compounding is available on all investing plans.

Can I make a deposit by credit card, check or wire transfer?
Of course you can use any online exchange services to purchase Perfect Money and then become our investor. Please visit for more information.

I wish to meet you personally
We hold only group meetings with our clients when paying out long-term interest, collecting serious investors from all the world. To register in a meeting you should be invited one of our old clients with corresponding recommendations and the minimum investment starting from one million dollars, we should inform on details two months prior to payment. At such meetings we allow to familiarize with the documents for the following investment period, in the warm intimate atmosphere allowing to learn each other closely. We do not hold meetings for the rest of our clients